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Terry Pack is one of the most accomplished and experienced bass players in the UK. He has played with countless famous musicians and singers, including Brian May of Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Clare Martin, Liane Caroll.

He was a member of the progressive rock band, The Enid. He recorded performed and toured with this band.

Terry has played many Jazz and Blues festivals across Europe, and appeared on TV.

For six years he played with his own band in Italy, France and Switzeraland.

More recently he has played with a host of notable musicians on the contemporary jazz scene including Mark Edwards, James McMillan, Bobby Wellins, Nigel Price, Giorgio Serci, Terry Seabrook, Ben Castle, Derek Nash, Paul Booth, Julian Nicholas, Renato D’Aiello, Steve Waterman, Steve Fishwick, Graeme Flowers, Raul D’Oliveira, Gabriel Garrick, Mark Bassey, Paul Nieman, Alex Hutton, Gareth Williams, Pete Cater, Tristan Banks and so many more.

Terry will be playing with Julie and Michael this spring and autumn.

David,  March 2020

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Terry Pack

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Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts sings great songs from the jazz/ blues era to the present day.  
Julie is based in Mid Sussex near Brighton, UK

Julie Roberts UK Jazz, and Blues Singer
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