Julie Roberts, vocals. Michael Hinton, piano, musical arrangements, direction.
Herbie Flowers, bass and tuba.  Marianne Hillier-Brook, drums.

There was a big audience and a really enthusiastic response. See Mid Sussex Times article below pictures. Thank you to everyone at St John’s who did so much to make the evening a great success.

Thank you to the many people who joined the email list at the concert. More gigs are in the pipeline for 2018 and we’ll be announcing these in the new year.

I’m doing my best to publicise these remarkable but relatively unknown singer and pianist and would appreciate any help anyone may be able to give. One idea is to put a link to this website in an email or on a facebook page.  (A website link that can be copied: http://www.julierobertsmusic.co.uk )

I’ve started a twitter account on Julie’s behalf so if you are into twitter please consider following Julie.

David Roberts

Julie Roberts and Michael Hinton Julie Roberts, fellow musicians and audience   St John’s Church, Burgess Hill. 4 November 2017 Julie Roberts, Marianne Hillier-Brook, Herbie Flowers, Michael Hinton Julie Roberts and Herbie Flowers Gig poster

Mid Sussex Times article  9 November 2017 Julie Roberts UK Jazz, and Blues Singer
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